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5 Biz Fri #0003: Making $120k in 3 Weeks

Welcome to 5 Biz Fri, a new series where we go over 5 micro-businesses that make a lot of money! The goal? Give you an idea of how you can start your next side hustle.

Usermaven - 120k in 3 weeks

Usermaven Homepage

It's simple. Google Analytics have a steep learning curve and non-user friendly UI, especially for those without prior experience. Usermaven is an alternative solution with beautiful graphs, simple views, and can be set up instantly. They generated $120k in revenue in 3 weeks without any external investment, paid ads, or AppSumo launch. 

How did they get users?

They took the standard SaaS growth hacks by focusing on niche audiences. Some examples: 

  • Facebook Groups dedicated to SaaS -> SaaS growth hacks, SaaS founders, SaaS warrior, etc

  • Product Hunt Ship -> Place to list upcoming products and garner feedback

  • Betalist -> Community of makers and early adopters

  • Product Led Growth Slack Communities -> Share projects, develop relationships, and a great way to growth hack the first 100 users


They follow a tiered pricing structure, but they were most successful running a LTD (Lifetime Deal) campaign for their product. Priced at up to $999, the lifetime deals generated over $100,000 over 300 sales.

WideReview -> $30k MRR

Shopify app that lets store owners collect and display reviews in a carousel. Users can import reviews from other stores, CSV, and even Aliexpress. Priced at $10/mo

Found the idea by looking through FB e-commerce mastermind groups and saw questions that kept asking for the same solution. Created a photoshop mockup of the app and asked around ecom groups to see if anyone had an interest in this app (a lot of people did)

Primary traffic is driven through FB groups, Shopify App Store, and affiliates

GummySearch -> $60k ARR

Reddit is a great way to get traffic and customers for your product, and many indie hackers know this. But finding the right subreddit that allows promotions, is active, and has the potential to grow is a challenge in itself.

Gummy search simplifies the process by grouping subreddits with searchable tags.

Gummysearch made 60k in its first year through LTDs!

Etsy is a great place for passive income because you can create a product once, and it can be sold hundreds of times without any extra work.

SEO and customer are key to succeeding here!

Replit Bounties -> $1,500 in 10 days

Replit ships feature for the community by allowing bounties, a system where users get paid for fulfilling feature requests (such as Replit integrations, custom apps, etc). Some of these go for up to $2,000 a contract. Ryan Brewer completed $1500 worth over his 10-day Christmas Break! Check it out 👇

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